I’M Kimberly frazier

The #1 Transformational Leadership Coach

Helping You Take Strides as a Respected and Effective Leader

I’M Kimberly frazier

The #1 Transformational Leadership Coach

Helping You Take Strides as a Respected and Effective Leader

Coaching and Speaking

Empower Your Journey with Expert Coaching and Inspiring Speaking Engagements

Executive Coaching

Craft Your Path to Professional Success with Strategic Executive Coaching

Helping You Achieve Success

Empowering Your Journey to Success and Fulfillment

At Enjoying Leadership Coaching, we are dedicated to guiding leaders like you towards a life of purpose, growth, and achievement. With the expertise of Kimberly Frazier, the #1 Leadership Coach, we offer a range of transformative services that empower you to embrace life's challenges and excel in all areas.

Coaching and Speaking

Complimentary On-Site Leadership Consultation

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Executive Coaching

Skill Development and Professional Growth

Stay ahead of the curve with skill development strategies that keep you relevant in a rapidly evolving job market. Kimberly Frazier guides you in identifying the skills that will enhance your career trajectory.

Leadership Coaching Sessions

Develop effective leadership strategies for organizational success, enhance your communication skills and inspire your team. Lead with adaptability and drive positive change.

Motivational Speaking

Kimberly's motivational talks inspire action and empower individuals to embrace their journey with renewed energy. Whether it's a conference, seminar, or team event, let her Inspire your audience.

Executive Coaching

and Advice

Tailored executive coaching sessions designed to assess your strengths, identify growth opportunities, and create a personalized action plan to advance your career.

What Is Enjoying Leadership Coaching?

Who is it For?

Enjoying Leadership Coaching is for leaders that yearn for a life beyond mediocrity – for individuals who are determined to break free from limiting beliefs and embark on a transformative journey as a leader. Whether you're a professional striving for a balanced life, an entrepreneur seeking harmony between work and personal aspirations, or an individual ready to step into a brighter chapter, the services at Enjoying Leadership Coaching is tailor-made for you.

Corporate Teams: Empower your workforce, boost morale, and increase productivity by nurturing personal growth within your team.

Government Agencies: Foster employee well-being, resilience, and effective communication in a demanding public service environment.

Professionals: Individuals striving to excel in their careers while also nurturing their personal growth and well-being.

Entrepreneurs: Visionaries who desire work-life balance, personal fulfillment, and the success of their ventures.

Lifelong Learners: Individuals committed to continuous development and seeking meaningful connections in all aspects of life.

About Enjoying Leadership Coaching

Kimberly is a seasoned Leadership Coach Expert with over 20 years of experience who partners with businesses and organizations to increase self-awareness and promote overall success in their careers. She uses a number of tools to enhance the coaching process including: Self-assessments, 360° feedback, performance reviews, and one-on-one leadership and life coaching. Kimberly is passionate about increasing "Work-Life Balance" in the workplace.

Serving with leaders of fortune 500 companies, Kimberly has a proven track record in coaching executives in leadership skills, communications, managing large teams. Her services at Enjoying Leadership Coaching caters to all business and organizations, first-time and tenured leaders and employees.

She credits her success to putting people over profit. Kimberly uses her passion for leadership and organizational effectiveness to help your business minimize turnover and maximize revenue.


"Kimberly Frazier is a results driven leadership coach. She is an effective communicator that uses creative techniques to connect with her audience. Her ability to forge strong relationships with her teams creates a collaborative environment where everyone works toward achieving and exceeding their goals. If you or your organization would like to improve results, I highly recommend working with Kimberly."

Bryant Bryson,

Client Executive


“From our first meeting, Kimberly really made me think about what I wanted to achieve with my teams, rethinking my approach with customers and the staff, helping me focus on the things that really mattered-- the people. "People over Profit" really resonated with me and I use it on a daily basis now. I look forward to learning even more in the next phase of my personal evolution with Kimberly”-

Mr. Jamie Kane

Regional Director

Breeden Company

“Kimberly Frazier is an amazing leadership coach and trainer. She conducted a leadership workshop for our troops that made an immediate positive impact. The troops still rate Kimberly's workshop the best so far. We are looking forward to the next workshop."

Chief Watson

Shaw Air Force Base

United States Air Force

"I have worked with Kimberly for over ten years and personally observed her unique ability to coach and motivate individuals and teams. Her ability to decipher problems areas is remarkable and her recommendations/actions plans leads to the desired client outcome."

Emmanuel Grant

Sales Manager

WIS International

“Going into this journey with Kimberly, I knew what many of my areas for development were but often found it difficult to adjust my mentality and behaviors to achieve desired outcomes. Working with Kimberly has really shined light not only on why these growth opportunities are important, but also on how to gain traction in areas I wish to improve. Working with her will position me to be a better leader for others while also growing my confidence in becoming the intentional, thoughtful, and supportive leader I know I can be."

Tonya Byrd

Director Community Engagement & Local Affairs

Dominion Energy

"Kimberly has made a huge impact! Her weekly coaching sessions are life changing in the workplace. She helped me see different perspectives and coached me on changing my communication style to my team. Her coaching has helped boost my teams moral and motivation. Hiring Kimberly was one of my best personal growth investments."

Susan Styron

Director of Sales


Available Coaching Sessions With Kimberly

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our Complimentary Consultation Session. Together, we'll explore if Enjoying Leadership Coaching is the missing piece to unlock your potential.

Your team is more than a collection of individuals – it's a dynamic force waiting to be harnessed. Reserve a Complimentary On-Site Leadership Consultation lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Continue to unveil your potential, overcome obstacles, and seize success with our Executive Coaching sessions. Clarify your aspirations, identify roadblocks, and strategize your path forward.

Congratulations, you're on the cusp of a remarkable transformation!

The path to a life of purpose, success, and joy begins with a single step – and you've taken that step by exploring Enjoying Leadership Coaching.

Let go of hesitation and step into the life you deserve. Unleash your potential, lead with passion, and savor every moment. Whether you're seeking personal growth, leadership excellence, or team empowerment, our range of tailored services is designed to guide you towards greatness.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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